Night Terrors VOL 8

One Ghost Turned Deserves Another: A man travels to Asheville to find out what really happened to his boyfriend.

Krampus Tales

Two dads and their daughter are trying to celebrate Christmas when a killer that believes he is the guardian of the tress comes looking for revenge.

Post Apocalipstick

Post-apocalyptic stories with an LGBTQ protagonist…and lipstick

Over the Rainbow

LGBTQ Fairytales

Love Bites

A trans vampire falls in love with a merman

Masks and Mayhem

A genie finds love where he least expects it

Hotel Evil

A cast of a movie is put on hold due to Covid. They then discover their director is evil and the hotel is haunted.


A gay boy writes a story about zombies to vent about what it’s like going to school.

Death Cuisine

A man searching for the truth about his missing brother finds companionship in a trans woman

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Release Date: May 31th 2022

The Guardian

A warrior raises the son of the queen she was in love with